Orange Beach Parasailing

One of the most popular activities for families and kids in Orange Beach, Alabama is to go parasailing. Parasailing is where you pay a fee and get on a boat with other people and you head offshore and right off the beach to get ready to be raised into the sky right off the Gulf Shores. You will be suspended in the air with a parachute tied to a strong rope and pulled behind a big boat. There is a winch that will let you out and up and when the ride is over, we will pull you back down and safely land on the deck, where the next person will be awaiting their turn on the parasail ride.

Sky Pirate Parasailing – located at the Hudson Marina at 4575 S Wilson, has five parasail boats and has a great reputation in the area. They are safe operators and take hundreds of customers up and away for an Orange Beach Parasail adventure. It costs $50 for one person up to $190 for three people to go parasailing in Orange Beach, depending on how many people you have.