Dolphin Cruises

Dolphin Cruises in Orange Beach Alabama

Welcome to the Fun dolphin cruise Boats,  Join us as we have FUN and search for the elusive Fin (Dolphins).

From the time we leave dock till the time we get back, you and your kids will have a blast.

Our Boats will leave the dock prepared for battle, Oh, I didn’t tell you, we battle other ships while searching for FINS.

You can get wet or stay dry, your choice but be prepared to hear your kids scream and holler while battling our foes with water balloons and our one of a kind Water Blaster Guns… But be careful, sometimes your kids will turn on you.

Once we find our friends, you will be amazed to learn that some Dolphin act like teenagers on to much Red Bull at 3am…

They Love to play & jump, surf waves, play tag and aggravate each other. Many times they will come so close to the boat you can feel the spray from their blow holes. If the boat gets quiet, you can find them by listening for them take a breath.

If our friends are in a playful mood and not gorging themselves on fish and squid, we’ll ask them if they want to surf in our wakes.

If they do our boats will make a big wave & our friends will put on the finest show this side of Las Vegas.

If y’all get thirsty or hungry during all the excitement, we offer a full array of soft drinks, waters, Gatorade, chips, candy so you can gorge yourself too.

Before we the head back to the dock, we’ll try to stop and pull one of our crab traps and let your kids touch a blue crab, get their picture with it & hold it if they dare. If your not having FUN by now, we’ll let your kids throw the crab on you!!! We bet that would be funny….

Our families work hard to make every 2 hour trip the most Fun you’ll have on your vacation.

Call us today to make a reservation on the FUN BOATS. If you don’t book with us, watch out, you might get wet…

If that’s not enough FUN for your family, we offer Snorkeling Trips and Scuba Diving Trips. Call today for details and times….